July and August 2014
Courthouse Program
Exhibition and silent auction. MarketSide Food shop and Cafe

September 7th 2014
Back Road Crafts
. Book launch and exhibition Artists Co-op, Owen Sound

September 11th 2014. Exhibitions and events running from 2014 - 2016
The Extraordinary Tre
e. Project launch Grey Sauble Conservation, Owen Sound

September 28, 2014
Art in Architecture exhibition Cobble Beech, Owen Sound.

2014 - Furniture Society conference, Port Townsend, Oregon.

2 Presentations:
Thursday June 26. Rethinking the Past: Makers Interpret a Museum Collection
Saturday June 28. Relevance: Finding a Context.

Books by Stephen Hogbin

Hogbin on Woodturning: Uniting purpose form and technique
Evaluating: The critique in the studio workshop
Appearance and Reality: A visual handbook for Artists, Designers, and Makers

Available from:
The Ginger Press Bookshop and Cafe. 848 2 Av E, Owen Sound, ON N4K 2H3
Phone:(519) 376-4233