Wood has been used for millennia by civilizations to create useful, beautiful and decorative items. Throughout history, woodworking has been featured prominently in architecture, religion, agriculture, recreational activities and survival. 

Today, woodworking has evolved through the advancement of new skills, techniques, tools and design principles; turning woodworking into art while maintaining the visceral connection to one of nature's greatest mediums.

Take a tour through the website to see the versatile ways wood has been used to create various pieces ranging from the functional to the fantastic. 

Educated at Kingston College of Art and The Royal College of Art in London, England. Stephen moved to Canada in 1968 as instructor of the Wood and Design Program at Sheridan College.

In the early 1970s, he developed a rich vocabulary of alternate forms using the 1000-year-old technique of lathe work. These innovative forms became a keystone for the use of the lathe in contemporary woodwork. Stephen continues to work in wood creating objects of lasting quality for exhibition and commission.

Primarily a studio artist with an inclusive and multi discipline approach he is also occasionally an exhibition curator. In 2002 he curated the Extraordinary Tree project with Grey Roots Museum, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Grey Sauble Conservation Authority and Fanshawe College.

Author of four books including: The Extraordinary Tree Project, Ginger Press Inc 2016. Evaluating: the critique in the studio workshop. Ginger Press Inc. 2009. Appearance and Reality. Cambium Press 2000; Wood Turning: The Purpose of the Object, Van Nostrand 1980.

Stephen is represented by the David Kaye Gallery in Toronto, Canada. In 2016 he opened Intersections Wood Gallery and Studio in Owen Sound.
Commissioned work samples for indoor and outdoor installations
Furniture Design
Combining form with function for beautifully crafted furniture pieces 
Accentuating the natural beauty of various woods as the primary medium
Functional Art Pieces
Presentation pieces that bring beauty into every day use
intersections WOOD gallery & studio
Sharing the craft of woodworking with the community and showcasing local artists 
Sharing the Passion
intersections WOOD gallery & studio was founded by artist, Stephen Hogbin, with little more than a vision. He saw a place where both aspiring and established artists could go to create in a safe and welcoming environment. Intersections offers everything from a gallery of unique wood-related creations to learning in Studio Classes.  For more information on current exhibitions or to see what classes are being offered visit http://www.intersectionsstudio.com
To view a portfolio of my body of work highlighting key pieces and publications throughout the years, please click here

Stephen Hogbin 
c/o Intersections Studio
299 10th St E, 
Owen Sound, ON N4K 1S4
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